This is our statement. We aim to make a meaningful contribution towards project success by continuously finding ways to create and add value. The success should always be aligned with the Owner’s objectives, but it should also be shared with the whole project team. We believe in and are excited by the power of development to be a catalyst for positive change in our community. This is our WHY. Our 3 values are the HOW:

Love the Business.

Live the Family.

Love is a strong word. We LOVE what we do and we care about the people and the work that we have the privilege to interact with. Although we are not all related, this is a family business, which manifests itself both in how we treat one another and how we value our time outside the office.

Listen Freely.

speak your mind.

Key factors of project success are comprehension and communication. We learn more by listening than by speaking and as we are introduced to projects, we listen. A lot. Once a plan is in place, we are in the business of telling people what they need to hear, which is not always what they like to hear. This is who we are as people and it is what we are all about when we deploy on projects.

stand tall.

follow through.

Leadership takes courage, and in our role it is necessary to provide guidance to the whole team towards success as an extension of the Owners we represent. Once our recommendations are accepted, we execute and continually monitor and control outcomes. We love making a difference, having an impact and achieving results for our clients.

What great things we build, end up building us

Jim Rohn

M3 Development Management LTD.

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