Redefining Project Delivery

True vision requires looking far ahead and reverse engineering to create effective plans that shape successful outcomes. While every project comprises similar elements to its predecessors, each one is truly unique and requires a tailored approach, which effectively balances standardized and proven systems with creative adaptability to project requirements, site specifics and other idiosyncrasies.


For the highest probability of success, early involvement is recommended. We undertake highest-and-best-use studies taking into consideration planning constraints and built context with value added through development cost estimating, schedule and strategic phasing analysis, recommendations on procurement strategies and modern methods of construction, financing options, sales and leasing strategy.


We provide translation services; we ensure that owners and design teams are speaking the same language. In addition to appropriately procuring and effectively managing complex, diverse and sometimes remote design teams, we directly participate in design reviews throughout design stages defined by the expected deliverables. We refine design and details with an Owner’s sensitivity; improving efficiency, increasing yield and enhancing cost certainty.


Procurement strategy is a key part of development. We guide owners towards the right delivery solution, procure the best team for the job and develop tailored contract documents that respond to specific contract risks. We supplement the pre-construction services typically provided by construction managers with detailed analysis of all aspects of construction. From loan monitoring, payment certification to tenant coordination and migration management, we’ve got construction covered.


Our operating platform is flexible enough to be tailored to each project but is nonetheless a process driven methodology. We apply the same discipline to non-typical, complementary and specialist project services, like distressed project recovery management, stakeholder and risk analysis, broker procurement and management, change management and marketing strategy, development and implementation.