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Disrupt the Accepted. 
Collaborate for Success.

Listen Freely.
Speak Your Mind.

Stand Tall.
Follow Through.

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Project Delivery,
Community Transformation. 

M3's philosophy encapsulates all that we are and all that we do in one simple statement: 

We are leaders, not followers,

we are active and not passive,

we believe in when and not if.

This is not work for us; it is our calling as we love what we do and excel in contributing to projects that will stand the test of time for generations, leaving a strong legacy.

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About M3

What Sets Us Apart

Although M3DM was established in 2016, our foundation is deeply rooted in the decades of collective expertise within our team. Our success is driven by our two esteemed Managing Directors: Iain McCorkindale, a seasoned Professional Quantity Surveyor, and Dave Shields, a highly respected Professional Engineer.

Iain McCorkindale excels in project ideation, proof of concept and financial management, meticulously crafting budgets, mitigating risks, and securing financing for a multitude of projects across Canada. Dave Shields is an expert in project execution and assembles the comprehensive project teams, ensuring fair and collaborative contractual arrangements for a smooth execution process, while finding solutions to ensure projects are initiated and completed on budget and on schedule.

We are firm believers in challenging the status quo by infusing our projects with a unique blend of creative ingenuity and innovative methodologies. We prioritize early collaboration and focus on outcomes. our commitment to excellence is evident in our unmatched execution and delivery of projects. The consistent growth of M3DM is a testament to our track record and unwavering dedication to surpassing client expectations. 

M3DM now manages offices strategically located in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, and Canmore. Join us as we continue to redefine the standards of excellence in the industry.


Community Partners

Board + Committee Volunteer Representation


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